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Over the past thirty years Civil Defence Supply has provided equipment, training and support to over 37+ countries with repeat contracts in numerous locations due to the exceptional performance of CDS equipment and its training.  As all CDS equipment and training is in current United Kingdom Police, Prisons and Armed Forces use, CDS will continue to innovate and not imitate.

Armadillo Shields are the UK’s preferred riot shield and are used daily in over 48 Police forces and Prisons in the UK alone.

CDS manufacture here in the UK and is a proud member of Made In Britain, we always buy locally and continue to support UK manufacturing where possible.

We also make lots of bespoke items for the emergency services, please get in touch if you need any help with something.

Since 1979

Holding numerous UK and worldwide Patents CDS inventions are innovative and effective. CDS is entirely self-funded by the Bauer family with a massive R&D capability in a wide selection of technologies ranging from advanced battlefield ballistics to chemical devices such as the new Synthetic Pepper-Spray CapTor, which they created, patented and manufacture in their own filling facility.  By having a strong engineering and hands-on approach theoretical concepts are rapidly prototyped into working demonstrators.

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