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The versatile FoxFury Breakthrough® BT2 Rechargeable Hybrid Light delivers the same far reaching 700 lumen beam as the regular BT2 , but comes with an AC adaptor, docking station and rechargeable battery pack. From illuminating street addresses to long range inspections, to locating persons or property, the BT’s focused, 700 lumen light beam helps the user see better and respond faster, especially in thick smoke and fog. Multiple docking stations can be daisy chained together and mounted on solid surfaces. The Breakthrough® BT2 Rechargeable light is submersible, fire-resistant and available in Black or Orange options.

2 Lights in 1: Box Light Performance in a Right-Angle Light Body

The Breakthrough® BT2 Hybrid unit is a professional search tool that performs like a box light.

UltraReach Beam Technology

FoxFury’s UltraReach beam technology provides a smoke cutting ability thanks to a powerful and focused LED and deep reflector. The 700 lumen, 2 degree beam of the BT2 excels at penetrating smoke and fog.

Rechargeable Battery Kit

The BT2 rechargeable kit comes with a contained rechargeable battery, docking station, and AC adaptor. Multiple docking stations can be daisy chained together.

Built to Last

The BT2 is engineered with extra thick walls, which makes the light extremely resistant to heat and impact.

  • The BT2 is designed with a reinforced grip handle so that the light can be gripped and activated by a user wearing thick gloves.
  • Breakthrough® wedge (included) keeps doors propped open. The wedge snaps into BT lights. Additional wedges are available for purchase as a separate accessory.