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Kick Shield

  • Size 65cm x 38cm x 12.5cm


 Kick Shield for Training

This Kick Shield is famed for its lightness and is engineered with ConvEX skin leather material. The construction is firmly and solidly built making it the most durable. Superior leather built makes it a perfect choice for MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, karate trainings and more.

Our strike shield features Shell Shock gel which helps to absorb and disperse impact from strong shots so that neither you nor the pad holder has to withstand that impact. It is made to withstand the hardest and heaviest of shots.

This Kick shield offers reinforced, riveted handles so the pad can be used and held in a variety of different ways and angles. Strategically placed handles allow you to practice low kicks, midsection kicks, high kicks and a variety of different knees, easily and naturally. You won’t have to adjust your kicking or kneeing style just to land the strikes.

Our Kicking pad is built and designed with only the heaviest of hitters in mind. High-density Supremo-Shock foam offer you the absolute best in impact absorption; let the pad take the blows, not your limbs or your poor partner.

This curved designed kicking shield is fortified with tightly locked stitching along the seams that ensure it is resilient to last wear over and over without ripping. It also enhances strength and suppleness while ensuring classy exterior of the product.