T.E.D.D. Tactical Electronic Distraction Device

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Key Features 

  • Programmable activation & delay modes,
  • Submersible – Up to 10 ft (3.3 m),
  • Self Righting – designed to right itself when overturned,
  • Shock Resistant,
  • Rechargeable & Reusable,
  • Durable – survives 10 ft (3.3 m) fall
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The Tactical Electronic Distraction Device 

The Tactical Electronic Distraction Device – T.E.D.D. is for use in training, riots, SWAT, Corrections and more. Sold by CDS , the T.E.D.D. should be used only by trained professionals.
Rechargeable & Reusable
Lithium-Ion Rechargeable battery pack is built in. Charge the T.E.D.D. by attaching the DC charger (included).
The T.E.D.D. has a solid steel base, high temperature poly-carbonate side, and nylon top cover. The heavy base is designed to right itself when overturned. It is submersible to 10 ft (3.3 m) and is impact resistant.
There are eight (8) programmable Light & Sound Modes and four (4) programmable Activation Delays.



Low: 70
Medium: 400
High: 700
Strobe: 700


120 dB (at 1m) 3kHz


Battery Life
60 minutes continuous Light & Sound


Steel base, high temperature poly-carbonate side, and nylon top cover

Charger Included