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OUTER SHELL: The outer shell is made of lightweight fiberglass. The shell is offered in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large.
There is an integral or a snap on visor that comes with the helmet. The edge of the shell is finished with a tough molded metal
core scuff-proof edging. The shell finish is made of a Polane and Urethane that helps prevent chips in the paint. The shell is available in a wide array of standard as well as custom colors. The paint is protected by a clear hard coat, scratch-resistant coating.
LINER: The interior of the outer shell is lined with a dual-density EPS/Urethane semi-resilient material of approximate .90” thickness. Liner material to be unaffected by temperatures ranging from +14°F to +122°F. The
liner is sealed off by an inner, semi-rigid, floating A.B.S. Plastic shell of .030” or more wall
thickness which allows thorough sanitation and prevents indiscriminate deterioration of the
SUPERIOR VENTING: Accomplished by several different options. All Vented helmets have
an Air Channeled Interior that permits cool air circulation across the entire head. Whether
front vents, rear exhaust vents, or 4 top vents, the helmet provides effective cooling for all
riding conditions.
SUSPENSION: Within the inner shell are three different interior choices all allowing ventilation and are adjustable to all common head sizes. The three interior choices available are:
(1) Adjustable Headband with a suspended crown pad; (2) Cushion Pad interior with Velcro
attached sizing pads; (3) Foam Padded interior comfort liner. Interiors shall be removable for
cleaning and replacement.
RETENTION: Sewn naugahyde shaped as a letter “Y” to allow hearing, and is riveted to the
outer shell. The throat strap is made of nylon tubular webbing that utilizes a Comfort Throat
Sleeve, adjustable fastener and quick release snap fastener. Quick release buckles are
also available and provide instant release. A nape strap on the back of the harness is also
included on the helmet. This strap eliminates the rolling of the helmet forward or backward
keeping the helmet completely secure on the head while performing duties. The harness has provisions for Velcro attachment of
accessories such as ear muffs, and foul weather adapters.
VISOR: Model S1616 features an integral visor while the Model S1617 has a snap-on visor. Rank bands are available in gold or
TACTICAL DUTY ACCESSORIES: The helmet has provisions to attach riot gear such as face shield and ear/neck protector.